Our Mission


Music beyond the Classroom and Concert Hall

"Teach a student to play an instrument, prepare them for a day. Teach a student to perform, prepare them for a lifetime."

In today's increasingly difficult musical environment, the usefulness of musical training is coming under increased scrutiny--concert attendance is down for most professional performance organizations, the government is cutting long-standing funding programs for the arts, and public schools are relegating music programs as non-essential if not cutting them entirely.

While many elegant arguments can and have been made against this assault, the goal of the Northwest Brass is not to justify music education through cultural importance, but rather promote the practical skills and lessons that one can learn through any level of music performance. Each professional freelancing musician is his or her own promoter, teacher, accountant, and web designer. To be a truly successful musician, one must quickly learn what it means to be entrepreneurial, business-minded, and professional.

Over the last four centuries, the bulk of music education has focuses solely on developing the art and culture of music. The Northwest Brass, however, aim to take all of these practical skills that have made our members successful, and pass them on in a fun and inspiring manner.

Whether at recitals, masterclasses, or our Summer Institute, we hope that we will get a chance to show you first-hand the scope of what music can teach.